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Awful app

App is terrible. When making a job for the day can't figure out how to make it show a time block for that job. Should be a default for each new job added to block a time. Good thing was cheap. AWFUL AWFUL


The app is good to use fir daily use, there is only one problem I see. The integration button does not appear on my calendar. I rebooted and still nothing has transferred over. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Please fix it 'cause I love it!

I love the easy format and navigation and have been unable to find anything like it. However, when I update a recurring item it adds an entirely new series for the changed item rather than updating the original. Very annoying. I am also unable to use the categories feature because of a similar problem.


Don't buy. full of bugs. i want my money back.

Having strange repeats...???

Yearly things are repeating each month? I had all my yearly stuff set & now it's all messed up. Ugh! App has been shutting down a lot, too. Please fix. Thanks!!

Repeating items

Since the new revision, many of my new yearly and monthly items change to every four weeks


By far the best to do app available!

What happened?

This used to be my favorite app. I used it daily. There are so many bugs with this new update that it is basically useless. Please please fix the bugs!

Not functioning properly

When I complete my tasks or if I have no tasks it still indicates a "1" on my menu page. This really bugs me! No number gives me a sense of accomplishment!

Used to be 4 stars but recently is 3

I like this app and have been using it for over a year. Some updates are better than others and the most recent update is a bit buggy (hoping it will be fixed soon) but all in all I have found this to be one of the better and more flexible ask lists. Current version needs to fix the badge issue and the past due tasks issue. Once fixed this app will be back at the top of my list.

Great, except badge bug

I love this app, it does exactly what I need, except there is a bug for the badge -- it always shows "2" due tasks, whether I have 15 or 0. Very annoying!

Great App

The app is great, but version 1.13 has a couple of bugs. 1.) The badge won't clear once Tasks are completed 2.) Completed Tasks won't clear from list when it runs in the background until app is shut down and restarted (even though 'Show CompletedTasks' is 'Off' in 'Settings') Needs updating

Awesome App!

Well done, you guys! This app is a nice compliment to my iCal because you don't have to plug in a time, just a to-do list when I find the time to do it. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for. And you can't beat the price! Awesome job!


I can't find the repeat anywhere and it is confusing I want my money back


I thought I was supposed to be able to repeat tasks, but I can't find anywhere to set it.

Not bad

A simple app, easy to use. Would like to see an alarm feature, though.

I thought it was just what I was looking for...

I thought it was just what I was looking for, then I tried to use it. Task can be set to recur daily but they have a default of 10 times. You can set a different number but it might lock up the app. Also there is no option for continously repeating a task. I didn't get any further than that... I got so irritated with what it didn't do right that I deleted it. It was on my phone for less than 10 minutes.

Daily Tasks

There is this ridiculous bug that freezes up my iPod every time I try to add details about the task, making this app utterly useless to me. I'd really like my dollar back, please.

Update suggestion

This app would be just what I'm looking for if the badge counter could be user adjustable to remind me of not only just todays tasks, but also of future tasks, such as the coming week. Why not add a simple setting option for when a task will be included in the counter?, such as 1-14 days in advance. Otherwise, this app has a very nice look and feel.

Simple Daily Reminder

I use this app daily it's simple and easy to use. Setup was required in my ipod settings as stated in the description, before I could use it but no big deal. Now I have a little badge on the icon reminding me how many tasks I have to do. Please keep this app simple and don't bog it down with features. I like it how it is.

loses info

Worked great for about two weeks. Then writing became so small I couldn't read list. Tried to remove and replace on i-phone and lost all the important info in list. Don't put anything important on this app!!!

The font size must be a one. Makes it look like data isn't there but it is. The screens showing in the preview are not available in the app. Bargain bin show it as free but you still get charged for it.


I used to love this app, great, simple to do list. But all my data just disappeared! The list is there, but everything is blank. I am hoping there is an update that will fix this soon?

Love It!

Same problem with font color but after changing everything is fine. Really like being able to set what setting comes up on opening (I like week view) and the font choice is nice. I have liked this program from the beginning as it is KISS (keep it simple stupid), has repeats and moves my uncompleted tasks forward automatically. Thank you for this program.

Latest Daily Tasks update

The same thing happened to me as did reviewer fpetro! I downloaded the update and now all my darker font was missing - I could see the few notes where I had them written, but my tasks were missing - and I depend on those! Initially I panicked, then noticed on the "what's new" it mentioned you need to go to the settings on your phone and set the font color. This I did, and everything re-appeared - whew!

Latest Update

I just downloaded and installed the latest version. Up to this point I would give the application 4 or 41/2 stars. After the update it appears that some of my data is missing. The tasks that are in the application have a circle with a pencil on the right hand side of the screen. All text is missing. So what tasks I have left on my phone cannot be identified. I will have to recreate my task list from memory. I have sent the developer an email regarding the problem.

Best Task Management App Available - Simple & Effective

This app is the best because it is simple to use. All other calendar-based task management apps focus on having lots of features, and make the process of entering a new task take so long that it renders the app useless for me. This app makes entering tasks simple. It has all the features you need to manage daily to-do lists, and it doesn't have a lot of extra stuff to get in the way. Honestly, I didn't buy an iPhone until this app came out, because until this app there were no usable task management apps.


I applaud the efforts of the programmers. To do lists are highly personal and therefore challenging. Tired of buying to do lists that miss the mark. Now on number 8 and this one is no better. This particular one is hard to read due to the font. Likely works better if you have small fingers. Selecting edit will complete the task and make it disappear. Need a list that let's me see what day (easily) when something was completed. How do I get a refund? How about a 24 hour trial period Apple. This will drive quality higher. Many get credit for a sale when it's undeserved.

Updated but

the programmer's name still stands prominent at the top, like others have mentioned. It's a bit intrusive and unnecessary, not to mention confusing. I keep thinking I have an appointment Ive forgotten about. A little vain and self-indulgent, don't you think?

How do I add color

How do I add colors and customize?

How do you customize?

I was so excited about finally finding a "To Do" app that seemed to address all of my requirements, plus w/ customizable colors & fonts; but where are they? I've spent the last 15 minutes staring at all the possible buttons to push ( and pushing them), but I haven't found any link to a help feature or color/ font option???? Please explain.

One fix...

Great app! I will give five stars if you could fix one thing. I don't always complete a task promptly. if I do it a day before it is due again and enter the date I completed it, it would be nice if it was changed to be due a week from the last time it was completed. That way it won't show up again the next day.


Finally the task app I've been looking for. I have been using calendar as my task app and wanted something equally simple but a bit prettier and some basic improvements like categories and rollover. This is perfect for me in every way. Thank you- you've designed exactly what I had in mind.

It's decent

It's a nice simple app. Would like it better if it didn't remove the task when I checked it. I like to review what I've done daily. And if you could make reoccuring tasks that would awesome. Only weird thing that doesn't affect finctionality is everytime u open the app the programmers name appears up top. Not sure why that was put in. Haven't seen it on other apps


Keep it short. This app. lost my list!!!! Now what am I to do????

Almost perfect

Wish you could show urgent tasks to look differently when they are showing on your list so they stand out more visually. Other than I liove it. It would be even better if you had the ability to type while you held your iPhone landscape setting.... What you get for the price is great!

Totally awesome!

This app is sooo much better than some of the paid apps, including Sai Suki which is $10. I have a hard time finding task managers that have everything I need for work, school, and personal stuff including week view, month view, and a check off tab, but this one has it all. Amazingness for free. Definitely a five star app even though I wish the list view was sorted by category. The category feature doesn't seem to have a use, but still 5 stars because even with these minor flaws, it's better than the rest and still completely usable. Thank you so much!!

thoughtful design

I like this way better than existing apps because of it's calendar centric design.

It Works!

For a free app, it works wonderfully. One of the features I really like is how tasks that aren't completed are automatically moved to the next day (I procrastinate a lot). The main flaw here is that tasks can't be deleted (including the sample tasks that come with it). Please fix this!

Good For Me And Free

I just need a recurring task list, in which I can tick off daily to do's as they're done, and fits the bill, in a simple, clean way. If you want more, pay more, or go build it yourself.

Nice ap but

How do you delete a task. If I can figure that out then this will be good for daily tasks which is what I want it for, just a simple daily task

another calendar app

The app worked fine. No bugs or problems like other reviewers. However, it is similiar to the calendar app that comes with the Touch. There were a few other features that I would not use. Since this app was not attractive to look at every day and I already have a calendar app, I uninstalled it and went looking for another task app.


You can use your calendar that is pre- installed and get more features and easier to use. This app would be great if it was easier to use and had features that were useful!! Until that happens it will remain uninstalled on my phone and I'll stick with my calendar!

Does the job!

Well this is my first upload of this app and obviously most of the reviews seem before this. This app works great. Tasks can be easily edited and the viewability by date is so helpful. And this is free to boot!

Great to do app

Best to do list I've added so far could use instructions I'm sure I'm not utilizing the feature correctly but over all good app especially for price


A good concept. Recent update added some good features however, the app has some bugs. When adding a note you have to scroll down to see what you are typing, and unfortunately it sticks like that so you cannot even edit afterwards. Need to fix bugs and this would be a good app.

Waste of money

Thought this was the todo app for me but it turns out it's basic design is so limiting. There are better free apps out there that do a better job don't waste your money!

Impossible to understand

Try to figure out how to do all the things the designer says it can do. Where to begin? No instructions, no help, no way to know where to even start. Stick with Fliq or one of the several ones that give you a clue as to how to use it.

Daily tasks Review

I really like this application, easy to operate with a streamlined interface and VERY functional. Two things that would really be a great add: 1. reciprocity between address / phone features on iPhone 2. a time feature / alarm for appointments of importance

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